The story of how this company came together is one of hard work and dedication from all. You have a combined knowledge of over 60+ years in the collectible world at your fingertips.

First is Jay who started his journey in 1987 and has done everything from owning various brick and mortar stores and doing his own collectible shows in the Houston area. He also has been involved in sports memorabilia, Comic Books, Toys, and other various collectible Items throughout the Houston area for over 25 years helping thousands of customers and continuing to this very day

And next is Karl who been in this business in the area for over 20 years. If you have ever been to a sports card or collectible show, then most likely you have bumped into him at the show! And with his outstanding customer service and knowledge of the industry he is going to be a huge part of this next step in moving this company forward in the future.

He is known as one of “the good guys of the collectible world” here in Houston and will continue to apply that to All-Star Authenticators

Our team is put together by a group of dedicated and knowledgeable authenticators who have so much to give to this company. And will be there to answer questions and give direction to collectors at each event and taking the time to authenticate your items with care and professionalism that is required during your transaction. Each member will have years of service that is a must in this business and to make sure you get the best service possible.

We will bring our best at each event we attend. Our love of the industry is one of the driving forces behind what we do. But it’s also about you the collector who attends each event no matter what to meet a childhood hero or a sport legend,voice actor, muscian or made and Impact on your life in some way.

So All-Star Authentications has been brought to life to be the company who will help collectors get their items authenticated by one of our team members who has a passion for the exact same thing as you do and will make sure to make your experience is done the All-Star way !